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Ceiling fixtures are typically smaller than chandeliers, and install close to the ceiling. They provide general lighting for living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, storage areas, and even bathrooms. The ideal ceiling fixtures for most spaces have a closed shade, frosted glass, or a diffuser panel to hide the light bulbs and reduce glare. Clear glass designs provide brighter lighting for hallways, foyers, and closets. Most close-mounted ceiling lights can be installed in bathrooms, as long they’re well-ventilated.

Measure your ceiling height and make sure that light fixtures clear any nearby doors. The bottom of a ceiling fixture should be seven feet off the floor so it clears people’s heads.Ceiling fixtures come in two styles: flush mounts and semi-flush mounts.

Flush Mount ceiling Fixture

Flush-mounted fixtures sit directly on the surface of the ceiling, without any visible chain or stem. They’re an excellent choice for low ceilings, providing an unobtrusive source of light.

Semi Flush Mount ceiling Fixture

Hanging a few inches from the ceiling, semi-flush mount lighting leaves a small space between the ceiling and the fixture, allowing more light to bounce off the ceiling. Many designs have a 4” to 8” frame or rod. Semi-flush lighting has a wider selection of styles; be sure to measure your ceiling height carefully.

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