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A kitchen lighting plan should include both general and task lighting, so that work areas are well-lit and there are no dark corners. The right combination of kitchen lighting can make a dramatic difference in the way your kitchen looks and functions. In a small kitchen, a central ceiling fixture and task lighting for countertops may be enough. For a larger, complex kitchen layout, make sure to plan for general, task and accent lighting for the entire space.

General Lighting For The Kitchen:

Your choice of general or ambient lighting fixtures can set the tone for your kitchen design. Flush-mount ceiling fixtures, a row of pendant lights over an island, or a dramatic chandelier provide both general lighting and a decorative touch.

Kitchen Task Lighting

Task lighting illuminates prep and cooking areas, eliminating dark corners and shadows. Types of task lighting include:

  • Recessed downlights for over the stove and sink areas.
  • Decorative pendant lights over prep areas like islands or peninsulas. Add a dimmer to use them for ambient lighting too.
  • Under-cabinet lighting that directly illuminates countertops; look for slim, energy-efficient designs.
  • Decorative fixtures that include downlighting.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting adds ambience to your kitchen when you’re not cooking. Add soft lighting above cabinets to accentuate crown molding, or LED lighting along the base of an ultra-modern kitchen. Dimmer switches let you adjust ceiling fixtures and chandeliers for soft illumination.

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