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LED lighting is the new standard for both residential and commercial lighting. Safer, greener, and more cost-efficient than compact fluorescent lighting, LED bulbs are available for almost every type of light fixture – even Edison bulbs. Dimmable bulbs and a variety of color temperatures make LED’s the perfect solution for every room.

How To Choose LED Bulbs

Old-style light bulbs were measured in watts, a term that indicated the amount of power they used. LED’s use a more practical standard that measures a light bulb by the amount and type of illumination it provides.

Brightness is now measured in lumens – a 450-lumen LED is comparable to a 40-watt incandescent bulb, except it uses 90% less electricity.

Color temperature is another LED variable – known as the K- Value, it contributes to the ambiance of your space. The higher the K-Value, the cooler and whiter the quality of the light. For residential interiors, look for lower K-Values to get the traditional warm look of incandescent bulbs.

Kitchen 5,000-10,000 Cool,5000K
Bathroom 4,000 Cool,5000K
Dining Room 3,000-6,000 Medium,4000K
Home Office 5,000 Medium,4000K
Living Room 1,500-3,000 Warm,3000K
Bedroom 2,000-4,000 Warm,3000K

The best way to shop for LED’s is to determine the number of lumens your room needs, and divide it by the number of light sources (lamps, ceiling fixtures, etc.) in the room.

Are LED's Dimmable?

Some LED fixtures and bulbs are dimmable – check the packaging to be sure.

Install LED compatible dimmers to prevent flickering and wear on the bulb.


What's An integrated LED Array?

Instead of using bulbs, some lamps and light fixtures have the LED light source built into the design. These integrated LED designs allow for imaginative and innovative designs.

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