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Pendant lighting is usually hard-wired into the ceiling, and hangs down from a cord, rod, or chain. Since they direct the light straight down, pendants are a popular solution for kitchen islands, bar tops, and anywhere task lighting is needed.

In kitchens, we recommend installing pendant lighting 30″-36″ above the surface of your kitchen island, or 24” to 28” above a bar. Adjust the height to make sure the light fixtures don’t block your line of sight, to about 65”-70” off the floor.

A row of pendants can be a stylish focal point for a bar, kitchen island, or even over a dining table. When hanging several pendants, space them out across three-quarters of the tabletop or island. Ideal spacing is 12” – 18” apart – leave more space between larger pendant lights for optimal airflow and light spread.

Inverted pendants shine light up towards the ceiling for ambient effect, and some styles illuminate both upwards and downwards. Used over bedside tables, pendant lighting gives an uncluttered look to modern, minimalist interiors.

Tips For Hanging Ceiling Pendant Lights

  • Make the most of your pendant lights by adding a dimmer switch for ambiance. For LED pendants, use an LED compatible dimmer.
  • Most pendants come with more than one downrod. You can join downrods to create more length.
  • For high ceilings, you may need to order additional downrods.
  • A pendant light will hang easily on a sloped ceiling if the style has a cord, wire, or chain.
  • Some pendants with downrods can be adapted to a sloped ceiling with the right canopy; check the product specifications to be sure.

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