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Table lamps may be the most common source of lighting in the home – most rooms have at least one or two. They’re used for ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Choose the right sizes and types of table lamps for an attractively lit room that functions well too.

Table Lamps for Living Rooms and Bedrooms

Table lamps that provide general lighting in living areas and bedrooms should be in proportion to the room and the size of the table they’re placed on. A good way to measure for table lamps is to sit on the sofa, chair, or bed where you’ll be using the lamp. Your eye level should be a couple of inches above the bottom of the lampshade, so you don’t see the light socket or bulb. For lamps on a console or buffet, the center of the shade should be eye-level to someone who’s standing. If your ceilings are tall, go for a taller lamp – just make sure the bulbs stay covered by the shade.

  • Table lamps for general lighting should diffuse light.
  • Three-way settings and dimmers allow for varying light levels.
  • The tops of all lamps in the same room should be as close in height as possible.
  • Light bulbs, sockets and hardware should always be hidden by the lampshade.

Table Lamps for Task Lighting

Task lighting is bright lighting that’s directed downward onto a desk or table top. The best table lamps for task lighting have height and angle adjustments to control the direction of light, and solid shades to keep the light focused. Measure the height or your eye-level from the desktop to help select the right size task lamp. Adjust the lamp’s angle and height to cover the bulb and keep glare to a minimum.

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