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Kills bacteria and viruses lingering in your refrigerator.  Eliminates foul food odor and hidden smells.  Purifies the air in your fridge helping to keep your fruits, vegetables and proteins fresher ... longer!

The all new EdenPURE® OxiLeaf® Refrigerator Air Purifier is a must-have for every serious cook, homemaker and family: 

  • maintain your food’s nutrition content longer

  • reduce food spoilage

  • kill bacteria

  • break down pesticide residue on your fruits and vegetables

  • kill and prevent assorted microorganisms such as e-coli or bacillus pycocyaneus

  • maintain the fresh smell and taste of your food

  • eliminate cross contamination of food odors in your refrigerator

The EdenPURE® Oxileaf® Refrigerator Air Purifier is extremely compact, taking up LESS space than a can of soda pop so it does not take up much space!

It comes with a long lasting rechargeable battery so you never have to buy batteries for it which saves you money. A single charge can last 10 days!

The EdenPURE® Oxileaf® Refrigerator Air Purifier instantaneously fills your refrigerator with safe ozone, killing 95% of fungi, bacteria and mold from your food and vegetables.

The EdenPURE® Oxileaf® Refrigerator Air Purifier breaks down pesticides while maintaining the vitamins in your food. Pesticides on your vegetables or fruit can be harmful to your food. But with the EdenPURE® Oxileaf® Refrigerator Air Purifier, you don’t have to worry about those problems anymore.

Once you own the EdenPURE® Oxileaf® Refrigerator Air Purifier, any food you consume from your refrigerator will be free from pesticides.

The ozone released from the EdenPURE® Oxileaf® Refrigerator Air Purifier effectively oxidizes and breaks down pesticides on the surface of your fruits and vegetables while still maintaining the vitamins and nutrition of your food.

Once the ozone attacks the contaminants in the air, it quickly diminishes.

Just place the EdenPURE® Oxileaf® Refrigerator Air Purifier in your refrigerator and let it go to work. Your food will remain fresher up to 4 times longer than normal. Start saving your time, your gas and your money now. Plus you will eat your food the way it was meant to be... FRESH!

And remember, you can put it in ANY small space to get rid of nasty odors. In your closet, cupboards, your pantry and even old storage boxes from the basement.

*** Not available in California


• Uses Oxi-technology to purify the space in your refrigerator, closet, cupboard or other small space
• Provides relief from: allergies and other respiratory problems
• Takes up the size of a soda can
• Portable and compact
• Kills mold
• Perfect size for travel
• Neutralizes odors
• Quiet operation
• Oxygenates the air


• Dimensions: 2” Diameter x 4.25” Tall
• 0.5 watts; rechargeable battery
• Weight: 7.7 oz.
• Ozone Output: 1mg/hour
• No filters or fillers needed

 Includes a USB Cord for easy recharging.

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