Nourison Modern Scandinavian Graphic Lines High-Low Area Rug  by eyely

Inspired by modern Scandinavian style, this abstract rug features a bold pattern of scribbled lines. The two-tone design is woven in soft, plush polyester, with a high-low pile that accentuates the pattern. This versatile rug is a family-friendly option for the living room, dining room or bedroom. Please note that variations in the rug's appearance may occur when the fibers are brushed due to natural light reflection and weaving characteristics.

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Color: Beige/Cream

White/Light Gray

Shape: Rectangle


Size: 3'-11" X 6' Size Guide

2'-11" X 5'
3'-11" X 6'
5'3" X 7'7"
7'-10" X 10'
2' X 8'