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Precision Brows Pen™ by BrowsPop™

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Fulfilled by our friends at BrowsPop™

Fulfilled by our friends at BrowsPop™

✔️ Pain-Free Trimming Experience 💕
✔️ Get Perfect Brows in less than 2 Minutes
✔️ Save money going to a beautician
✔️ Smooth over skin with no pulling or scratching
✔️ No more threading, waxing, blading or tweezers

Forget about Fancy Trimmers that don't work, Our Precision Brows Pen gets the Job Done in Under 2 mins.

The Next-Generation of the Precision Brows Pen™ is a perfect complement to your daily beauty routine and the new and easy way of getting your brows done!

Exclusively sold online, it is the #1 hair removal gadget for unwanted eyebrow hairs, peach fuzz, upper lip, and chin hair. 

Each purchase comes with a cleaning brush and user manual. We also offer extra replacement blades so you can continue to get optimal results & save some money along the way!

    Our 30-Day Guarantee: If you are not happy with your purchase, please reach out to us. We will do whatever it takes to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase & experience. Refer to our Free Shipping & Free Returns page.

    Disclaimer: This product is not a toy and is not intended for persons 12 years of age and younger. Do not use on irritated skin, acne, spots or open wounds. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. For dry shave only. The tip of the pen can get hot, please use with caution. For best results, use in a circular motion. 

    How It Works

    Why the Precision Brows Pen™ is highly effective:

    • removes stiff hairs & peach fuzz
    • works on all facial hairs including upper lip, chin, cheek
    • smooth touch & no discomfort
    • no redness & skin irritation
    • skin exfoliation
    • works on all skin types
    • battery operated (single AAA battery)
    • made from hypoallergenic metal

    Micro-precision technology involves the use of a hidden blade that shaves the hairs. There are 12 small slits in the tip of the pen that are used to catch the hairs. 

    Behind the slit is the precision blade that is completely concealed, allowing for 100% pain-free experience. Although the pen is a shaver, longer hairs can be wrapped around the blade causing the pen to pull close enough to the roots.


    Is this an epilator or razor? Does it shave or pluck?
    It is not an epilator by definition as there is a hidden internal blade. The pen shaves the hair. However, on some occasions, longer hairs do get wrapped around the blade causing those long hairs to get plucked.   

    How long do the blades last for? Do I need to replace them?
    The precision blades last for about 3-6 months based on how often you use the pen. We recommend replacing the blades for optimal results.

    Can I use this on all my facial hairs?
    Of course, it can be used to remove upper lip hairs, unibrows, chin, and cheek.

    Can the pen shape the eyebrow?
    Yes, you can magnify your arch more. The pen also works great for removing all those stray hairs so your brows can look perfect every single day, every hour!

    Where do the hairs go? Are they collected in the pen?
    Sometimes when the hair falls in the slit, the cut hair will get caught in the tip of the pen. This is normal. To maintain the pen, twist the head of the pen off and use the brush to remove any excess hairs.

    Does it work on blonde & gray hair?
    Yes! The pen works on all types of hair.

    For optimal results:

    1. Make sure your face is clean & dry before using.

    2. Small and circular strokes are best.

    3. Go against the direction of your hair growth.

    4. Stretch your skin on the part where you are removing the hairs.

    5. If you have coarse hair, position the pen on a slight angle so the hair can fall in between the small slits of the head.

    Precision Brows Pen™ by BrowsPop™
    Precision Brows Pen™ by BrowsPop™
    Precision Brows Pen™ by BrowsPop™
    Precision Brows Pen™ by BrowsPop™
    Precision Brows Pen™ by BrowsPop™
    Precision Brows Pen™ by BrowsPop™
    Precision Brows Pen™ by BrowsPop™
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