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Silicone & Stainless Steel Soup Ladle w/CoolerGrip Handle & Flexedge Silicone by Cooler Kitchen

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Fulfilled by our friends at Cooler Kitchen

Fulfilled by our friends at Cooler Kitchen

  • OUR STRONG & STURDY LADLES ARE BUILT TO LAST -Flimsy nylon or plastic ladles can break or melt the first time you cook a large pot of thick soup for your family & can often be difficult to clean. What's the point of buying a ladle that will break or melt after a few months? They may be cheaper, but you're not going to be satisfied or get much of a lifespan out of them. Metal ladles will get extremely hot to the touch, may burn you and may scrape and ruin your pots and pans.
  • OUR LADLES ARE ALMOST INDISTRUCTABLE UNDER NORMAL USE - LIFETIME GUARANTEE! Instead of weak nylon or plastic, our ladles are made of sturdy STAINLESS STEEL and food grade BPA FREE NON-STICK SILICONE. They are also heat resistant up to 450 degrees, so you know they will not melt. EASY TO CLEAN - No need for intense scraping to remove excess residue. DISHWASHER SAFE!
  • Our Ladle - 13 inches long with COOLERGRIP thick stainless steel handle, Drip Minimizing FlexEdge ladle, with food grade BPA Free silicone. Easy to store or hang with HOOKED HANDLE. Great LIFETIME warranty! Soup Season Is Coming! Add to cart now!
  • OUR LADLE IS DESIGNED TO BE PERFECT - Each BPA FREE silicone ladle has a perfect 4oz (1/2 cup) scoop for perfect portion control & measurement (great for portioning pancake batter etc. too!). Each ladle is not a perfect semi-circle like most average ladles (which can lead to drips and spilling), but has been expertly designed to contain a slight lip & handle angled slightly to help prevent dripping. Our Ladles have our FlexEdge technology - A slim & flexible silicone edge that allows you to scrape that last bit of soup from the bottom or sides of your pots without scratching. GET EVERY LAST DROP!
  • EXTRA LONG & THICK COOLERGRIP HANDLE - Our handle was designed for the home chef. Cooler Kitchen's COOLERGRIP technology, ensures that even though the handle is made of durable stainless steel, it will NEVER EVER GET HOT TO THE TOUCH, no matter how long you accidentally leave it in the pot when cooking (We all do it! Why aren't other ladles designed to handle this??). Our handle is about 2 inches longer(13") than many ladles while not being so long to lose control. Our ladle will work well with even the largest pots and to keep your hand just a bit farther away from a boiling pot. Our handle is wider than most, and weighted to PREVENT HAND CRAMPS! You'll wish all your kitchen tools had this handle!

Our Silicone & Stainless Steel Ladle is perfect for all your kitchen needs. How often do you cook healthy and delicious soup for your family? If you're like me, the answer is a lot - especially in the winter! It's better to invest in a better piece of equipment, even for a few extra dollars, if it makes your life easier, helps prevent waste, and keeps your family healthier. Our ladle: - Consists of BPA FREE NON-STICK Silicone coating & COOLERGRIP stainless steel handle. Heat resistant to 450 degrees. - Our lightweight, sturdy & rugged design ensures that our ladle won't bend or break & Long 13" COOLERGRIP handle won't burn you in even the toughest of circumstances. - Our ladle is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. None of that yucky residue sticking to the insides of your ladle making it difficult to clean. - Its perfect design allows your soup to sit in the silicone ladle, and its revolutionary FlexEdge technology reduces drippings & helps get that last bit of soup from the bottom of the pot. - The handle has a convenient hook, so you can hang it, if you choose. AWESOME BONUS!! When You Purchase Our Ladle, You Will Receive A FREE COPY Of Our Cookbook "Cooking Is Awesome!" This Cookbook Includes Some Of Our FAVORITE RECIPES From Our Home Kitchen. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If, For Whatever Reason, You Don't Absolutely Love Your Ladle, Just Return It, And We Will Refund Every Penny (Or Replace It, If There Is A Problem). Order Your Ladle Today, By Clicking The Orange Add-To Cart At The Top!

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