How To Flatten Area Rugs And Remove Dents

  • Mar 29, 2023


Extra extra large indoor rug,have heavy coffee table on it !Puckers 75% around ,help me!

Shirley Manning

great post! my husband and I are flipping a house and got new rugs that needed to be flattened out quickly in time for our first showing of the home! we called our friends who own a professional carpet cleaning company and they were able to give us some quick tips! This post also helped us so much!


I ordered a hand-made ROUND cotton rag braided rug from Lithuania. It’s only 27″ wide, and very beautiful. There were no creases, but it’s very puffy with concentric circles of raised braids. It almost looked like a sombrero with the center section raised (A LOT)! Was it sewn too tightly? Is there any way to permanently flatten it?


Thank you for the useful information! I have horrible allergies so I typically have my area rug cleaned, along with my carpets, fairly frequently. However, I still struggle to get some dents out after getting my rug back from the cleaner. I am going to give the heat treatment a shot and see how that goes! Thank you!


It was useful advice when you mentioned using heat to relax the fibers or applying weight evenly and firmly to flatten the rugs if there are creases. An elevator was recently installed in our commercial building last week, and I’ve been considering adding matting to the floor to help protect it. I’ll be sure to keep this tip in mind while I look for service providers to hire for our elevator floor matting installation soon.

Anna Collins

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